Amazon Kindle – another e-book reader (sigh)

23 Aug

The new Amazon Kindle is available to the UK market from Friday. It is smaller, cheaper and faster than the original, with, get this, a whole months battery life.

Guess that’s my argument for forgetting to charge out the window.

But wait a minute; apps will soon make gaming on this device possible, alongside web browser, and an mp3 player. Great. Hmm, I think this tells me a lot more about these products than they are willing to admit. Sure we all want to have just the one hand-held device that can sing and dance, but these were designed for e-books, and if, as claimed, e-books are such a success, why are they looking to diversify so soon?

I’m negative, I know. But until they can fold up as small as a mobile and be used as a mobile, alongside playing games, mp3…and whatever else it is we all want these days, I just can’t see how they can last.


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