Having it and eating it – Sabine Durrant

4 Oct

Maggie Owen has found herself lusting after someone elses life.

Settled with two small boys, Maggie meets with Claire, an old school friend, who appears to have it all. The perfect figure, glamorous life, and oodles of sex.

Maggie believes her partner Jake is having an affair under the pretense of hectic work. As a result, Maggie believes she has the right to have some fun, and starts her own ‘thing’ with the gardener.

It is hard not to like Maggie. A stay at home Mum that spends her time moving from one kid event to the next…even if that is just a trip to the park. Sympathy for her is never far away, especially when Durrant describes the other playground Mum’s; if you have ever spent a morning at the park or at a playgroup you are sure to have met each of the characters. As for Maggie’s thoughts, we have all been there, wanting what others have. That’s why Maggie feels like an old friend, and that’s why you want to belive she is right to do what she does.

But just like an old friend, by chapter 15 you see her warts and all. The irritation at her stupidity begins to seep in. Unfortunately this does not disperse. By the time you have finished reading this book your friendship with Maggie truly is dead and buried. She surely does have her cake and eat it, but who wants friends like that.

Time Warner 2002


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