Finding inspiration

8 Oct

I have been so busying focusing on how I should interpret my media communications brief, I have neglected creative writing.

What I mean is I haven’t been looking for the inspiration needed for my latest project. I tend to have scenes that stick in my mind; and then develop the story from there. I have had scenes, but not what I feel would be suitable for this years portfolio, or even something I feel comfortable writing about.

Today by chance, during a conversation, an idea was formed. Yes it is still at the early stages, but without doubt I know it is a subject I want to explore, and feel I can do justice.

So thank you to that person I spoke to, you know who you are. It just goes to show, when they say life as a writer is a lonely, it is only lonely if you don’t open yourself up to all that’s around you. I found my inspiration today whilst on the phone, tomorrow I may just see a single image that transforms that idea. keep your eyes and ears open…there is always something.

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