Uni, e-books….and a possible idea.

8 Oct

I have had a momentary blip. I thought I knew what direction I was taking this e-book idea in, and then figured it was pointless. I had wanted to look at how to self publish and get listed…properly. Guess what, it’s easy. That’s not to say getting a high-ranking is easy, you have to do a lot of self promotion for that, but publishing yourself, there’s nothing to it.

As with most things, dig around a bit, and the answer is there. Oh the wonders of the internet.

So what can I do? Well, having read some blogs, and a bit more research; it would seem that although self publishing is easy, to self publish a novel would seem fruitless. You see the time and energy it takes to write a novel, the success in terms of sale is a minimum. And ok, I hear all the time that money is not everything, and writers saying but I do it for the love of it; but unless you have a someone funding you, you have to go out to work, and therefore, you don’t have the time to write.

On a side note, for me the best thing about writing is having someone read it and enjoy it. No publishing, no readers. Simple as that.

My proposal is to show the success of ebooks through self publishing, what genres etc. Then I shall explore the traditional route of publishing. Finally I shall look at what the writer wants.

Already I am bursting with my own thoughts. these include the idea of having to create your own online presence for self publishing….but I shall explore that further later. For now, I am content that I have some idea of my direction.

2 Responses to “Uni, e-books….and a possible idea.”

  1. submeg October 30, 2011 at 7:28 am #

    A year later…what do you think now towards self-publishing your own novel?

    • Ellie October 31, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

      I believe if you are in the position to work full time with your self-promotion, then sure go for it. Blogging, use of social media, sites such as good reads, hosting and writing for guest posts, amazon forums…it is a huge amount of work. However, once you have discovered the formula for your audience, I bleieve the pressure lessons, the fun comes back, and you can start writing your next piece whilst keeping up the marketing. It is said to be a successful self-publisher you need at least ten titles on offer – that seems somewhat of a pipe dream at this time for me at least.

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