Publishing…diy or leave it to the professionals?

28 Oct

Should you choose to self publish, or take your time getting an agent and finally a publisher? I don’t know. That is a question only you can answer.

There are pros and cons to each option. The one thing I can categorically say, both are hard work.

With traditional publishing everything is done for you. That is, once you have established an agent (although there are still a couple of publishers that do not require an agent). An agent will secure you a publisher, negotiate on your behalf, handle marketing etc. They will also take a large cut of your profit.

If you go down the self publishing route, it is the opposite scenario. You must do all the marketing, not just your book, but yourself also. If you want to do it properly (and if you have spent months writing then I would think you would), you need to get an editor; you want your work perfect. An illustrator would be nice if it will enhance your book, but certainly someone to design your cover. And what if you aren’t that technically minded? Do you pay for someone to convert your work to the right format, or did you think this through at the beginning and write it direct to Ipad on their ‘Iwork’ software?

OK, I shall stop there because I am making this look like professional publishing is the better option. Well, I am a great believer in using professionals. They are the experts and they are the ones who can tell you how to get the most from your work. However, if you are dedicated to your work, and willing to self promote, there is absolutely no reason you can’t be as successful with a diy attitude.

You won’t walk into Waterstone’s and find your work for sale. You still need the ‘professionals’ to break that market. However, you make a name for yourself, and the publisher will find you. Oh, and I should mention,if you can put your business head on, the fees for self publishing are minimal in comparison.


One Response to “Publishing…diy or leave it to the professionals?”

  1. submeg October 30, 2011 at 5:51 am #

    I’m guessing you go into this into detail in future posts, so will continue reading…

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