Set in Stone – Robert Goddard

3 Nov

Set In Stone - Robert GoddardFollowing the tragic death of his wife, Tony Sheridan closes the door on his wifes dream home, and heads to his sister in laws new home, ‘Otherways’.

Designed by a reclusive architect from Portugal, the Edwardian building is circular, with a moat. It is the only remaining design by this architect.

It is only upon Tony’s arrival at the property that he realises that the building has a mysteriousness that has haunted all of those that have ever stayed within its walls.

as Tony begins his search to understand the building, he realises that it can only ever lead to tragic events. His dreams lead him to do the unspeakable with his wife’s sister, and he sees the devastation that this will wreak on the family.

In a desperate bid to prevent further tragedy, Tony takes steps to prevent what he has foreseen. Unknown to him, these steps only prevent so much. The building takes hold of some people completely, and these just can’t be saved.

Goddard writes this in the first person, truly leading you to believe you are hearing Tony Sheridan’s private thoughts, and at times, intruding on intimate conversations with his dead wife.

Many questions do remain unanswered. Considering the story is based around ‘Otherways’, the description of the property and surrounding areas are weak.  However, it is beautifully crafted story, and thoughtfully told.

Corgi Books. Transworld Publishers 2000


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