Epublishing disaster – for me

8 Nov

My first disaster with self publishing, or more to the point the ‘ever so easy’ epublishing. 

I thought I would explore Smashwords.

As soon as I start looking into this process I swiftly hit my first problem. So no I hadn’t considered my front cover, acknowledgements etc, but I can blag that right. Hmmm, maybe, just keep going for now. So formatting, how hard can that be? Well very if you are using Microsoft Office and not word 2007 or whatever format it is they have decided to base all the instructions on. I am not technical. I write, mostly poorly. Really, do I want to spend my time learning the technical wotsits when I could just go back and re edit my text again? Or even better, find an agent?

After over an hour of faffing, and it can’t be described as anything else. I gave up. Well, I contacted my tutor and asked her in the nicest possible way to find me a student with a technical background who could do this for me.

Not only has she tried to find me technical help (although I have now bypassed this and opted to use a fellow communications student….i whipser that. We meet next week and it may prove to be fruitless in which case I go back to the other help), she is also in the search of someone to do illustrations for me. Well whoop!

I feel a bit of a fraud. I should be able to do this myself, but hey ho. In the meantime, I must research more about this idea that reputation of your epublishing site supersedes your writing, ie, if they are poor, therefore you are, therefore the perception of you as a writer is poor. The chances are your writing wont even be seen by those in the know, let alone them discovering how great you are.I have to say I am already swinging towards thinking this can’t be right, but so far everything I have considered for this project I have bene wrong about.

Reading back this post I think I may be in need of coffee…or maybe it was the coffee.


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