The Writing World

9 Nov

Since starting this blog I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. I know,how on earth can that be? It’s not as if I have many regular followers, let alone those that wish to comment to the point that some sort of witty conversation ensues that makes new visitors want to scroll…

That’s because it’s not because of my blog. It is everyone else’s. Reading through similar blogs is so useful. Not for nicking ideas, although I have been tempted at times…but competitions, useful articles, just knowing there are other mad people out there who spend inordinate amounts of time, writing about ‘stuff’, and chatting aimlessly through a blog in the hope of, well, that’s where I get stuck. I am not sure what we are blogging for, or whom we are blogging for.

I guess we blog for ourselves. To put out there what we are writing. To share our progress. Ultimately, we are attempting a form of networking, in the hope that someone somewhere will say ‘wow, they really have something.’

But back to the way this world has opened for me. It should daunt me that there are so many people out there that want to write, that want to be a success. But it doesn’t. In a strange way it is comforting. I don’t see these people as competition. They are friends on the same journey. If we have to turn round and go home, back to ‘normality’, it is not a disaster. It just means we can champion those that have stuck to it, those that gritted their teeth and didn’t let the doubters drag them down.

Writing maybe a solitary pursuit, but it doesn’t mean you are alone.


One Response to “The Writing World”

  1. Carol Hoare November 10, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    Good blog!!

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