Writers Block 2

12 Nov

Have you ever sat there staring blankly at the screen, waiting for that inspiration to smack you in the face? Or worse,  have you sat there writing solidly for two hours only to realise it just doesn’t work?

I am most definitely in the latter criteria.  I had one of those moments today. Having completed the synopsis, I began writing. almost four thousand words in I stopped to catch my breath; if only I had done that sooner.

Sometimes an idea just won’t work for you. But have you ever considered that it is you not working for the idea? Maybe you need to change.

Think about your style of writing, and how you approach the writing. Who are your audience?

I always start in third person, believing I am starting a novel. although I am yet to change my ‘voice’, I have frequently flirted with script writing. If I can’t get my writing to work within a novel structure,  I try the format of a script. For me this has been a fantastic transformation for many of my ideas. (And if you decide to work on your piece  novel, it can help create understanding of your characters).

This doesn’t always work, sometimes you may just have to abandon your idea and except it’s just not to be…….but don’t throw that piece of paper in the bin.

Staring blankly at that screen? Find that piece of paper that you dismissed before; still nothing? Consider a new genre. Or if you happen to have two pieces, try tying them together. Just a short phrase or sentence.

Now tell me that didn’t work.

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