A short break.

5 Dec

This post is about my promise. My promise to myself to start writing, properly, and my promise to my readers, to make it worthwhile.

OK I know this all sounds naff, but there is no denying it; my blog has been at best poor in the last couple of weeks. Similarly, my ‘creative’ writing, although i have had good moments,  hasn’t led to anything that I feel happy with. This is so unlike me.

(OK so it’s not going to be listed in as one of the best snowmans of the year, but William is only three, and it was raining!)

How did I tackle this? Quite simply, I have taken the weekend off. Yesterday, I did a grand tidy up, (whilst my son built his own snowman in the garden). We then put the Christmas tree up.

Today, we have baked a cake. Chocolate my sons favourite, with coconut grass and a digger chucked on top.

I am hoping this random break will have given my brain chance to relax. Tomorrow I hope to be back on form, and create something amazing.  If not, I have a few book reviews to come so at least that’s this weeks posts sorted.

One Response to “A short break.”

  1. Carol Hoare December 6, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Really nice to have photos.

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