When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson

8 Dec

‘In a quiet corner of rural Devon, a six-year-old girl witnesses an appalling crime. Thirty years later the man convicted of the crime is released from prison.’

Living in a council flat in Edinburgh, Reggie is sixteen and working as a Nanny for a GP. Her mother died in a tragic accident, and her brother is lost to crime. The only person Reggie has, is her former teacher Ms MacDonald, a friendship formed through need.

Dr Joanna Hunter, ‘call me Jo’, loves her baby and will do anything for him.

When Dr Hunter goes missing, Reggie tries everything she can to convince the police and anyone who will listen that something significant has happened.

Detective Chief Inspector Louise Monroe has a more significant person to find, whilst Jackson Brodie, unintentionally finds himself seeking Louise.

A well woven, intricate story, providing suspense and romance, horror and death. In fact, this story has everything you could want in a novel.

I have read the reviews on this book, most are full of praise. I have an issue. The drama is a very significant part of this text, and cleverly written from several view points. Structurally its strong, but considering it’s drama, it’s not very dramatic. It is all about pace and length of sentences. It’s just not written strongly enough for you to want to turn the page. It could be the description of  a golden field of corn for the timidness of the writing. There is also far too much coincidence for my liking.

Let this not distract from the quirky nature of Kates writing, and the clever literary turns.. I for one, would not be put off reading another Kate Atkinson novel.

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