No Monday morning blues here

13 Dec

Exciting times this week. All of the bits and bobs I have worked on all seem to be finally coming together, I hope to share some of this with you.

This week I will be sharing with you an interview with the lovely Jessica. Freelance writer, paralegal and virtual assistant.

Following on, I hope to have an interview with Dorothy, CEO of Pump up your book, and finally (although you may have to wait a little longer for this), an interview with Stuart Heritage. Film, TV and Music writer for the Guardian.

As well all of this, I have completed my e-book text. I am letting this sit for a few days before going for the final edit. During this time I am arranging front covers, blurbs etc, and then, and only then, it’s publishing time.

I am also quite excited about my own creative writing. Although it is very early days, I always have to go with my first reaction, in this case, whoop. I have re drafted my synopsis so many times and each time I have thought it worked. then it didn’t. I have sat on this revision for over a week now and I am still feeling positive.

Finally, this time next week I shall be launching my new look blog.

I shall just go do a happy dance around the room. It is so nice to start a Monday on such a positive.


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