Which e-reader?

6 Jan

I have been asked which e reader I would recommend. The simple answer is I don’t know. It all depends on your own needs.

For me at this time I would be happy with a kindle. It serves its purpose, providing downloads from the largest e-book seller.

As I write this though, I’m considering the benefits of the iPad. What with video availability, it would seem daft to discount the options available in terms of the enhanced e-book. lets not forget the Nook, that now has these options also but not the notoriety of the ibookstore. That’s not to mock the market share of Barnes and Noble.

But I can’t miss what I have never had. I have never opened my book and been greeted by illustrations that come to life, other than those in my mind. If I allow my device to offer this, will I be losing part of the reading experience. Unlikely, but it is worth considering as part of your own personal enjoyment.

I will be honest, I am not in a ny major rush to commit to a particular reader. What with the google ebook store on its way (launched in the US in December), will I even need an eReader. I have a notebook that I am happy to carry around, do I want another electronic device?

This is a very personal decision for each of us. Just like your mobile phone (I don’t have a blackberry or an iPhone), you go with what suits you. Allow yourself to be led by marketing and you won’t get the most out of your experience.

New eReaders are coming to the market all of the time and I struggle to keep up. I haven’t even mentioned half of them in this post, let alone the various models. I shall attempt to compile a comparison chart over the coming days, or if all else fails, find one online.

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