Follow up – a designer for my book cover

17 Jan

Following on from my post earlier today, ‘A designer for my book cover’, 1106 design wrote a follow-up post. (I had previously linked to their article on why crowdsourcing a book cover was a bad idea).

In the post, they highlighted some of my text:

  • I know what I want, well I think I do. I know from experience that when I have set an idea in my mind in terms of design it has turned out to be awful. I think for me I never see the complete picture, it is always a little blurry around the edges.
  • I have looked at past book covers listed within an archive. I have considered the ones that work for me, the ones that jump off the page. For me personally, it is the most simple designs, with plain texts, and bold colour.
  • So how do I translate that to a designer? I have been in touch with one, we are very much at the preliminary stage. As in, we are arranging to talk soon.
  • Tell me also, what covers appeal to you? The more feedback I get, the more I can work out in my mind what I want.

Oh dear. How did this all become about me? At what point did I stop thinking about my audience. In response to the post I commented;

Another useful post, thank you!

Reading through what you highlighted I realised immediately my mistake.

When you are writing, you constantly think about your target audience, who are you writing for, what do you want them to get from your writing. I can’t believe I lost sight of this.

So why did I lose this thought when it came to the cover design? I can only think that once you have got to this stage, you start thinking about it being ‘your project’, it does become very personal to you. You want to be proud of it, you want it to reflect you. This does NOT translate to sales.

Turning to others and putting your trust in them is a daunting prospect, especially when up until this point you have been working alone (although for my particular work I have met some fantastic people who have offered invaluable support). Personally I feel although I am not up to the job of designing the cover myself, I need to feel as if I am still in control. Learning to let go is another step I need to take.

So once I have taken this step, I will learn to say, ‘I shall relax, I know you have it covered.’

I would definitely recommend reading 1106 design’s blog. They have useful information to share, and are genuine in their want to help. Thank you 1106.


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