Promoting your book

31 Jan

So I am still sat here researching and writing this e-book text. I am looking at promotion. Do it yourself or outsource?

Social media, blogging, website, book tours, book signings, radio interviews, reviews….you want me to go on? I have found hardly any help out there for promoting your book. I am trying to be unbiased in my recommendations, if they are recommendations at all. I just want to give a starting point, say look, there are these people, but you can always look elsewhere.

But where?

Seriously, I have found one UK-based and one US-based promoter. Bearing in my mind the amount of companies for creating the e-book, or even just print on demand, you would have thought their would be more people trying to cash in on the industry. Or is that a forewarning in itself?

So basically this blog is more of a plea. Do you know of any promoters out there? Have you used one? Is it worth the cash?

3 Responses to “Promoting your book”

  1. Ellie February 1, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

    Thank you Jessica! I get so bogged down in my research that I forget why I started looking in the first place. I was told by a guy based in the US, that publishers are more likely to take on an author who has a successful self published text than a ‘newbie’.

    The thing is, well I think anyway, is that it all comes down to how much you want it. I don’t understand meta data and all that malarkey, but I do know I have got to get my head round it, if i really do want to get somewhere. At the end of the day, you have to sell yourself, then the book will sell itself. It is like finidng time for writing, if you always find excuses not to do it, then its not really what you want. Dont want to get to grips with marketing, you dont really want to sell your work – and that works for everything these days!
    I have another chapter to write!

    • Jessica S February 2, 2011 at 3:40 am #

      You need to get yourself a copy the “Writer’s Market: Where & How To Sell What You Write.”

  2. Jessica S February 1, 2011 at 6:08 pm #

    All the research I have shown is that publishers are looking for self-promoters. What you are describing are the tasks generally completed by a literary agent. Once they help you find a publisher, that publisher has people who do promoting. However, due to less income coming in from the print world, unless you have proven yourself a self-promoter, or you already have an established name, it’s back to self-publishing. So, my advise is to stop looking for someone to do the promoting and start looking about how to do the promoting yourself. You’ll help yourself out, and save yourself money. 🙂

    …could be wrong, though.

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