E-publishing – where I am at.

2 Feb

I have spent the last two weeks, although it feels like much longer, trying to tie up the loose ends with this e-publishing how to guide.

Knowing that my brain is a complete blur, and I struggle to remember what I have done each day, let alone whether I have blogged about whats been going on, I shall apologise now if I am repeating myself.

So what am I doing?

As many of you know, this started out as a University project. I was to research the e-publishing industry, and write 10,000 words on it. Somewhere along the lines, this changed to me actually following through this process. The content, everything I have researched.

Where am I at?

I wrote the first draft and was pretty pleased with the results. I sent the text Eoin Purcell, (Green Lamp Media)  who came back with a few pointers. This coincided with a tutorial with Sally Harrison, my Media Communications lecturer. She also had read the text and had found some of the terms confusing. (The guide should be written in a very basic way for non techies – I think I must have forgotten somewhere along the lines.)

I started to re write the text, providing more detail, and for those complex terms I couldn’t get rid of, brief explanations. I also started to include quotes from industry insiders to basically back up what I was saying. I examined the word count of the text, and decided for the effort it was taking, I needed to bulk it up. Not fill it with trash, the e-book industry is too vast at the moment to need to bulk out, but I needed to consider where I should expand, and how.

I have spent countless hours looking at pricing and services for  the main ‘e-publishers’. I have made charts and codes. I have researched until my back aches and my arm is frozen from RSI.

So what now?

I have four weeks until I need to hand in a portfolio to university which will include this text. I haven’t got my cover designed. I haven’t had it proof read/ edited. I haven’t considered a typesetter, although I do know which ‘e-publisher’ I shall be using. I know there is more to that list, I just can’t be bothered to go back and check that manual I just wrote. My point is, can I get this turned round and completed? Four weeks….

The original plan was to have this published for when writing up the final portfolio, so I could really say I have followed the whole process. I don’t think it will happen, I have become slightly too obsessed to rush it, but if I don’t, at least it will be for the right reasons….I don’t want to produce some trashy, half attempt at a self published e-book – that would be just too embarrassing.


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