Post it notes – key to planning your novel

2 Feb

I was having a browse through some of my subscriptions the other day when I read A. M. Kuska’s post about plotting. How do you plot, whilst integrating your characters, making it all flow, and not having to go back and rewrite thousands of words.

It was a post that really got me thinking. One of the things we are doing properly this year is fully outlining our plot, writing a plausible synopsis, working out the content of each chapter etc. I hate it, really hate it. I prefer to just get on and write. So much so, I have already chucked out three perfectly good ideas this year. You see, if I start thinking about it too much, I just stop writing.

Oh how I have struggled.

I have just written chapter three. I haven’t a synopsis, no plot outline, no chapter structure.

So the post was talking about coming up with strategies, I instantly reply, post it notes. Obviously this is the answer. You get great big sheets of cardboard, and hundreds of post it notes in multiple colours, and then begin. You use a different colour for each character, and you move them around the board to work with the plot, sub plots and anything else you feel inclined to include.

It’s tried and tested and bloody fantastic.

I have learnt a lesson today. I need to start listening to myself. Now where are those post its….?


4 Responses to “Post it notes – key to planning your novel”

  1. submeg October 30, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    I will be doing this!


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