E-publishing – where I am at update

7 Feb

Today has been a fabulous day for me. I say fabulous, probably productive would be a more suitable word but I am very happy with my progress, and for that, I am making today fabulous.

Last week I spoke about my progress with the e-publishing business. I made it sound like it was just some big things to do (I did say probably some others in my defense), the truth was, as if with all things, it turned out the odds and ends bits was where the time would be taken.

Well whoop for me. Although I am still waiting on the confirmation for two quotes, they are now complete. If the permission is not granted, I shall simply remove it and leave those parts quote free. Sounds a bit of a cop-out but I made a decision that the quotes I would use, would only come from those whom I have been in contact with. From the people, who have assisted me up until now – although there have been some fab quotes I would have loved to included.

I still had the acknowledgements to write, the contents page to compile, along with a short bio section. I also needed to write about ‘the blurb’ – something I had put off.

I did it all, I got it done, and now I’m very happy.

So now what is left?

Well still the front cover, the proof reading and the typesetting. Oh yeah and a title.

the best part today was I finally hit print. Instead of looking at it on the screen i have it in black and white (well blue actually but lets not quibble over paper colour). It seems so real, so like, about to happen.

I’m sure there will be many more ups and downs until this is finished, but all the same, yay!


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