Books I find useful and enjoy – Stine’s guide to everything you need to know about writing

14 Feb

I have read some wonderfully insightful books over the past few years, and now I feel it is time to start sharing these texts.

Before I started University,I hadn’t read anything but novels for years. Discovering this whole other world has really opened my eyes to how much enjoyment can be gained elsewhere – I even read a monthly magazine these days. For me this really is bizarre behaviour.

I shall offer a new book each week.

Today, I shall begin with Writing Successful Self-help & How To Books – Jean Marie Stein.

Buy this book...really you should!


This text outlines everything, and I mean everything. It tells you what steps to take initially when you come up with a great concept. Who to contact, when to contact, what they want to know.

It takes you through the planning stages, how to complete the text, and all the hidden extras. What to put in the blurb, what page order the acknowledgements, contacts, foreword etc should be in.

When I say ‘complete the text’ obviously the book doesn’t write it for you, but what it does do is give you brilliant insights into including hooks in your introductions, how to get your headings right, making your book interactive..and much more.

Much of the content could be construed as obvious, however, having just gone through the process, I am happy to put my hands up and admit that I forgot the basics. You get so carried away in your ‘idea’ common sense goes out the window. A checklist, referral notes are always welcomed when creating a masterpiece, and I for one, am happy to recommend this text.

Simply written. Simply insightful. Simply brilliant.

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