I am still here…just a little busy

14 Feb

I have been a little rubbish posting recently. I think it has been almost a week since my last one. I know some people may find this acceptable, but I think, for me, it is shocking.

It’s not that I haven’t thought to post, or that I haven’t had anything to post, I just haven’t had the time.

Yes, I did just say that. Sorry.

Currently I am working on an integrated media communications assignment, based around self/e-publishing. I am also working on a 10,000 word creative writing portfolio, plus an 8,000 word media portfolio, oh yeah, and today I have finally finalised my dissertation proposal, which I need to get started, NOW. (In my defence to anyone who is reading this thinking ‘I can’t believe you are only doing this now,’ – I was only told last week that yeah actually you do need to do one. (I did have the same word count to fulfil but not under this bracket and this is what makes it so scary!))

I’m not moaning. I am just simply saying I am very busy. However, I need my faithful readers to help me out in the coming weeks so I promise I shall crack on with all my work, as well as the blog, and stay happy and upbeat…well I shall try at least.

I shall be in touch soon.


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