E-Publishing costings

11 Mar

I have been in a bit of a quandary recently. Many people, actually loads, are discussing which company to use to self publish their e-book. But who is the best, how much will it cost?Having not used them, I couldn’t say who is the best, but I have compiled the price list.

This is in fact a chart that will be within my book, ‘The Simple Guide to Publishing,’ so see yourselves as getting a sneaky preview of what you can expect. Oh, and if off the back of this information you decide to take the plunge, buy my book first! It shall be available to buy within the next 3-4 weeks (give or take). Sorry, that is really rude of me.

If you think it needs expanding on, please do let me know. Likewise if you need further clarification just give me a shout – the formatting has messed this up a bit but I just can’t get the chart to work properly on WordPress.

Please do let me know your thoughts!


Smashwords iBookstore You will receive between 60-65% of your

Barnes & Noble listed price, depending on the retailer.



Diesel e-bookstore

Smashwords own store

Bookbaby iBookstore Currently $99 for formatting and

Barnes & Noble distribution, plus $19 for ISBN.

Sony A yearly fee of $19 also applies.

Amazon Kindle

Bibliocore iBookstore $150 per title for the first year. A $50 fee You will need to supply own

each year there after, if wishing to renew. ISBN.

Libre Digital iBookstore Email direct for a custom quote** Must be a publishing company

(can be authors own), and will

need to supply ISBN

US &Canada only

Ingram iBookstore Email direct for a custom quote**

PubIt Barnes & Noble You will receive between 40-65% of your Require a a valid U.S.

list price, depending on your selling price. Bank Account, U.S. Credit Card,

and U.S. Tax ID

Kindle Digital Platform (KDP) Amazon Kindle You will receive between 35-70% of your

listing price, depending on your royalty

choice. Subject to publishing requirements.

Inscribe Digital iBookstore Email direct for a custom quote**

Amazon Kindle


Barnes & Noble




*There are many other e-publishing providers, but these are the most commonly used within the UK and US.

** Contact was made requesting a figure but parties declined to give a guide price

3 Responses to “E-Publishing costings”

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