I’m not going to lie…the formatting nightmare

30 Mar

So last week I showed you my book cover, and made a promise that I would get the editing completed. Pat on the back for me. It is all done.

So next I turned to formatting. I mentioned many months ago that this was more complicated than I had been led to believe, but for some reason, I bypassed this information in my excitement, and promptly fell flat on my face.

I’m not going to lie, I am not very computer literate. I was once upon a time, but certainly not now. I struggle even with twitter at times. I know, tragic. So what on earth was I thinking taking this on?

In the book, it talks about outsourcing, how you should never be afraid to ask for help. Don’t over stretch yourself, work within your means. So why oh why do I keep insisting I do it all?

So yes I have had an editor, I have had the design done (although, if I am honest, I came across a nifty bit of software earlier and thought I should give it a go, urgh!) so what is wrong with handing over the formatting? Absolutely nothing, I just can’t seem to let go.

I will do though. After the draining of all excitement, interest and general enthusiasm for anything today, I am willing to admit I am beat. Not only am I willing to let the formatting go, I may hand over the entire thing and get some else to do everything that isn’t finished.

This is not me bored of the project. This is not me giving up. This is me having the desire to get this book out there as quick as possible, but as professionally as possible. Oh and I should say it is not so I can start earning from my work, I am a realist belive it or not, I just want to be able to move to the next project. I have started bits and bobs, but i get the guilt that I should be finishing the guide. Plus, this is enhanced by reading so many other people asking questions that I directly answer. If I keep up with what I have done, there will be no point in releasing the guide as its entire content will be over the net, just in a slightly different format.

Although this may not be such a bad thing.

I think the way it is being promoted about how easy it is to self-publish, we have all got swept away in the buzz. The thing is, and I know I have said it before, we cannot do everything. Sometimes the middle men are there for a reason. For me personally, I shall use the middle men, I have to, otherwise I shall never get round to writing again.


5 Responses to “I’m not going to lie…the formatting nightmare”

  1. Ellie March 31, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    I think I will have a go at the designing – just because i think I am in need of a bit of light hearted computer work. As for the formatting, urgh!

    I left it after writing this post and still not returned to it.

    To be honest, I have to treat this book as a hobby. I have just left my creative tutorial, I have so much to do, and only six weeks to complete my assignment. On the plus side, I have written seven chapters. Just need to do another one, plus a very tight synopsis. It is all good really but I need to make sure this is right. Got to think of the end goal – my postgrad lol!

    Anyway, I must get on with uni work, maybe tomorrow I will re look at formatting and like you say…ask someone!

  2. Jessica S March 30, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    First off, absolutely have try out the design software! You’ll have a blast, and the design will be all yours. Plus, you can just have fun and enjoy yourself, because you already have a backup if all goes awry.

    As far as the formatting, it’s always difficult to try something new. Step away from it for a day. Do you know anyone else who has already formatted an eBook? Perhaps you’d feel better asking how, rather than simply asking them to do it?

    You are SO close to being finished. Between nervousness and plain and simple burn-out from the long and bumpy trip that got you to today, it’s natural for you to feel overwhelmed.

    You do as little or as much as you want, Ellie. Take a break if you need to. You’ve done what so many of us writers only TALK about, so you’ve already impressed the heck out of all of us. 🙂


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