Don Arden – Mr Big

17 May

Ozzy, Sharon and My Life as the Godfather of Rock.

Do you know who Don Arden is? I didn’t. Obviously the by-line gave it away somewhat, but it still didn’t mean I was that interested in reading this.

So Don Arden is Sharon Osbourne’s father, once Ozzy’s manager. This text tells the story of Don Ardens own stint in entertainment, his knowledge that he had to make something of himself, and how he would never let anyone stand in his way.

It is a fascinating story of how drive and determination can catapult you to the position you want to be in – whether that end goal be fame, money or happiness. In Arden’s case, he got all three.

Unfortunately, for me, a lot of what Arden achieved is not within my knowledge. Many of the artists mentioned I haven’t heard of – or I have, I just don’t know enough about them for it to impress me. As a result, sometimes it felt that Arden was trying to hard to say look at me, look what I did. This is through my lack of knowledge, rather than poor writing.

All I can say is I read this book from cover to cover. Whatever the subject, it is well written, and has many lessons that we can all learn from.

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