Deborah Moggach – These Foolish Things

19 May

Ever been to India? Ever wondered what will happen to you when you’re said to be too old to care for yourself? Ever thought of combining the two?

Moggach brilliantly writes about a ‘hotel’ set up for the British elderly in Bangalore. A concept derived from British doctor Ravi Kapoor and his cousin, when Ravi’s father in law becomes too unbearable at home.

The story takes you on a journey of several elderly ‘residents’, how they find their new home, what they take from it, their past and their families.

An understanding of the deprivation of some ares of India, compared to the life of the British, what we take for granted, and how somewhere along the lines, the way our lives may just be worse – in terms of social breakdown. The lack of order, and respect.

This is a really interesting read. It didn’t have me rushing up to bed each evening to get through the next chapter, however, it made me consider various aspects of our lives, and what has been lost. Overwhelmingly the knowledge that this was written about a generation that was the last of its kind.

If you are stuck for something to read, then do take a peep at this. It would be interesting to know what effect the story had on you.


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