What an achievement! Well done you!

31 May

Am I the laziest person EVER?? No, but it certainly feels that way at times…

To be precise, the last couple of weeks have put me in a mild panic. My WIP is at chapter 11 (ish), and the end is months and months away. This is not a problem as such except for…it would seem everyone has reached the end of their first draft.

So I figured we needed some sort of celebratory picture for this and I stumbled across this dog - from a dog party page! Oh how I love the internet for introducing me to some of the weird and wonderful ways of the world.

WELL DONE! Blogging world I love you dearly and for all of you whom have recently finished I am so proud of you. Sure there is still a lot of work to go but you have hit an amazing milestone – something many never achieve no matter how much they talk about it.

For others, the end of that first draft is so close you can almost feel the last words clogging the air. KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO IT!

Blogging allows you to discuss your WIP, the ups and downs, and of course, celebrate each achievement. Many of us share online what we may not be able to discuss in the ‘real world’ because there is not an audience listening. They will start listening once you are done, and if you secure a publishing deal, they will be the ones begging for people to listen whilst they discuss your work.

So sure, I feel like I have been lazy. Why isn’t my WIP nearing the end of the first draft? Well, we know there are many reasons for this. The truth is, I am just so envious of your achievement, and I hope to follow in your steps in the near future.

Let’s celebrate together by sharing our success’. Lets acknowledge that actually the first chapter in itself was a momentous occasion. Like I say, I am on chapter 11. How about you?


3 Responses to “What an achievement! Well done you!”

  1. Janell July 4, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Thx for spending some time to explain the terminlogy to the beginners!

  2. Ellie June 1, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    Oh wow, you have so many projects on the go. I have lots I have started and abandoned. I hope to pick them up again soon.

    Good luck Candice and keep us up to date with each of your steps!

  3. Candice L Davis May 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    I think we all have our lazy moments, whether or not we admit to them. I’ve put my novel on the back burner while I work to finish my shorter book on juicing and my novella. The novella is complete, and I’m doing rewrites. The draft of the juicing book is about 3/4 of the way there.

    Here’s to staying focused and seeing all our WIP through to the end.

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