Learning From My Mistakes

8 Aug

I have officially done the most stupidest thing ever. No really, I have.

I have always been a back up kind of girl. Save to this computer, that computer and keep it on the thumb drive kind of girl. Keep original documents, altered documents, as one large file, as well as separate bite size chunks.

You know where this is going right?

To save space in our house we removed the home computer. This left a laptop, notebook and iPad. (Yeah I hear your screams, ‘your advertising to burglars’ but hey ho).

Now the laptop I don’t use, never have (well I am now but that is besides the point). My notebook is my favourite thing ever. It is set up as I want, all the files coded as I want, and as nobody else uses it, my files do not disappear into the oblivion that is ‘My Documents’. The iPad I use for note taking. I may have mentioned this before, instead of the traditional paper and pen, I keep record of everything on the iPad, on notebook. I have to say, this is marvellous and my notes have never been so well organised.

A few months back I lost my thumb drive, or USB stick as some prefer to call it. After several days it turned up but I became very aware of how quickly you can lose something so small, yet so very important. I tucked it away in a safe place, with the intention of putting it away after each use in the same spot so this event would not recur.

Guess what? It is still in that same safe spot. It has not been updated once since I found it.

So all my writing, that I really believe has potential, is saved on my notebook, and only the notebook.

Last week I went to Kent to visit friends. It turned out to be very busy. the plan had been to do three hours writing every evening once the kids were tucked safely in bed and I had the house to myself…with no internet connection. Whoops, the most time I had to myself each evening was one hour and I was so tired I would just take the opportunity to read. (yeah, and I know, five book reviews need to be written and posted…).

Anyway, my notebook hasn’t been turned on for almost nine days. What happened when I did?


Absolutely nothing.

After several hours of throwing it around, screaming at it, begging it, stroking it, it finally lit up. It was with an error page that I was greeted with, asking how I wanted Windows to open. I have tried every option, several times. The system goes through this act of opening up just to return to the same page.


Hopefully my friend will take a look tonight – and fix it. If not, I have lost at least six weeks worth of writing. Not to mention various files including the most fantastic, super-duper CV and covering letter that I mastered the week before last – I would say at least 8hrs was spent on these two items making me irresistable to employers.

So I guess what I am saying is I have been very silly. Slapping my wrist would be fruitless as I would say it safe to assume my lesson has been learnt in full. But have you? Have you read this and thought ‘daft cow’ and closed your computer fully aware that you have everything saved several times over – or are you thinking, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’.

Please take note and do what you have to do. They say you can’t learn from other mistakes but please, just this once, at least try.

3 Responses to “Learning From My Mistakes”

  1. FIFALDE August 9, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    When will we ever learn. . . .? I have never actually backed up my notebook – relying on the PC or PDA in case of problems (or Marcus). Clever, huh? Except that your post reminded me that I haven’t synced any of them for weeks (and Marcus doesn’t work for free)!!!
    Guess what I’ll be doing today?

  2. SandySays1 August 8, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    Ahhhhhhhh, computers are the best of times and the worst of times. My human has crashed a couple drives and has exhausted every possible combination of four letter expletives. He’s taken to backing up twice a day on a remote service. Recently, he had some trouble there. Being ten days older than dirt he’s gone to a new old backup system. He has a problem storing the slates and coal chisel however.


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