Equipe – who are they?

1 Oct

Today I thought I would tell you a little about Equipe, Global, the charity we are supporting with the release of An Armchair and A Cuppa.

Before I start, I want to direct you to their official website, and their Facebook page.

Equipe is based in Wrexham, the town where I live in North Wales. Located in the town centre, it is a small organisation, but its initiatives are big, and really do make a difference.

The charity started when a couple, on holiday, took a risk and donated money to a small village to help with the building of a school. On their return, wanting to do more, they immediately started fundraising. This was in 1998. As the organisation has grown, the couple that started it all has retired, yet in their place is Ziz, spending her time and energy promoting, liaising, managing the charity, its fundraisers, and th people on the ground.

For me personally what I really applaud Equipe for is their dedication to working for the villagers, what they want and need, and not what we as Westerners think they want. They manage this by insuring they have a strong relationship with their partners in the country’s of need. This relationship is built up over time. This ensures that the charity knows the money is being used for worthwhile causes, without having to spend money on sending their own people to the countries, with the extra cost of flights and accommodation.

Equipe works in the following countries East Africa, India, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. This year, they have seen their first ambassadors from Australia heading out (at their own expense) to the regions in need.

As a growing charity, Equipe understands the needs of those they help, and those that help raise funds.

I have taken the following information from the Equipe page, Fill the Plate.

Equipe has been working in East Africa and the Philippines for over a decade and we have seen the impact of rising food prices on already impoverished communities. Last year one of the schools we support, ranked highest in the 42 in its district, had to close for 10 days because it could not afford to provide the 180 children who attend, one compulsory school meal. For most of these children their school meal would have been the only meal they’d have received that day and the idea that these children would have gone without food for 10 days, and vitally their education, is intolerable to us. Unfortunately this is a common story but it spurred us on to launch this campaign with the aim to raise enough to provide at least 40,000 meals in 2011 and ensure that none of our schools, orphanages or projects have to turn children away.

It takes very little to make an impact. Just £540 would have kept that school open – i.e. one day bag-packing; or one collection at a football match; or one non-uniform day.

Only together can we make a difference!

So who’s in? I’m not just asking for you wonderful writers to submit your story. I am asking for everyone to help spread the word about this project. It is quite clear the difference that can be made by making enough sales from A Cuppa and An Armchair. How will we make sales? By everyone taking their part in ensuring as many people know about this project worldwide.

Worldwide? Yes, why not? We have writers not just from Britain, but Europe, America and Africa contributing. It is only right that we can reach an audience on that scale also.

Tell us what you have done to support the campaign and we will give you a shout out via this blog, facebook and Twitter.

If you are not familiar with this charitable project, visit this page, or Facebook.


2 Responses to “Equipe – who are they?”

  1. FIFALDE October 2, 2011 at 9:56 am #

    I’ve posted in several Ravelry groups (had a “Beware, more than two posts can be deemed spamming” but the posts are still there!). Some of the groups were a bit quiet – no posts on them for a while – but I hope you get some feedback.

    • Ellie October 2, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

      Thank you! We have already had a writer join the facebook page through your ravelry posts so it does prove this works! Thanks again.

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