Rachel Hore – The Dream House

7 Oct

This book had me hooked from the start. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the text, I will say it was more a personal connection that had me hooked.

Kate Hutchinson and her hubby decide to up sticks and move from London to her hubby’s home village in Norfolk. In a big romantic whir of what life would be for them, they get caught up in the oh so not important details. It is only when Kate’s hubby, who has continued to work in London starts to stay away, that the reality of the situation hits them.

Out walking the dog one evening, Kate stumbles across a house. she feels s strong connection to it. peering through the window she finds the elderly owner in need.

I will stop there. I know I will give away the ending if I continue.

The reason I say my enjoyment may well be to do with a personal connection, is because this story had one major flaw. Dreams, mystical links, coincidence – Kate had found a necklace and it turns out it is the elderly owners who just happens to be distantly related to Kate…

If you are stuck for something to read, or want something light for a holiday, then dive straight in. If you are an old romantic, then yeah, you should pick this up. If you pull a writers work to pieces, don’t bother. You will be pulling your hair out by the end.


Kate has no friends, no one to rely on. Yet, her surroundings are wonderful, and the kids love it.


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