Would you like salt and vinegar with that?

5 Jan

Fish and Chips. Quite frankly nothing beats it.

On a cold windy wet day, that snug smell emanating from the papers as you take your goodies home, the acidy scent of salt and vinegar, the crispy batter that melts in your mouth sweeter than KP Skips…

Kent has some of the most amazing chippies, and most have a simple menu. Selection of various fish, all served in that glorious golden coating, sausages including battered and saveloys, large or small and for those who like a little extra on their plate, mushy peas and pickled eggs.

Not hard is it?

So why oh why have I been reduced to visiting a local frozen food store to buy battered sausages to cook in the oven at home? at home, I mean really. The chippies here have soggy batter, they have never heard of saveloys, battered sausages they look at you like you have asked for a battered mars bar (Oh they are soooo good!) and as for the fish, well you have a choice of fish, or fish, or fish. yep thats right, I asked for haddock once and she said ‘Whaaat? We only do fish here’.

I know I may sound like I’m mad, but I have a friend living here, originally from Yorkshire. His sentiments echo mine. I think its time to show the Welsh how the English batter a fish!


One Response to “Would you like salt and vinegar with that?”

  1. nooir kaif March 15, 2012 at 5:10 pm #

    nice and wounderful

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