Reflections of the toffee type

30 Jan

Cleaning the kitchen cupboards at the weekend I discovered a packet of Werther’s Originals. The golden wrappers kept winking at me, begging me to slowly unwrap them, to allow the flavours to gently spread, soothing my taste buds, leaving a luxurious feeling.

It is the type of moment one should enjoy, curled up on the sofa, maybe with a heavy blanket draped over you, the log fire burning, sheepskin on the floor…

I ripped the paper off, shoved it in my mouth, spotted the rapidly going cold cup of black coffee, crunched through the hard toffee, knocked back the coffee and continued my mad rush of cleaning. There was broken bread sticks on the floor, hard plastic toys and children rushing to and fro.

As you can tell, the dream and the reality are two very different things. and it’s not just with toffee where we are fooled. It happens time and time, and yet, it would seem, we never learn.

But (you knew I was getting to a but) the reality doesn’t have to be a negative. The reality can be so much better, life does not have to be a scene from a film, the expectation of a dream, or the pause in the moment of your imagination. Reality, can be the stream running over the rocks, the light dancing off the mountains in the distance, the brush of hands or even the remembering to put your moisturizer on at night-time.

Eh? What is she talking about?

I am talking about reflection. Knowing what you have, why you have it, where you are going and why.

Many of us get lost in the dream, we watch others and feel envious of what they have. Many of us are afraid to admit when that becomes jealousy, but you know, there is nothing wrong with that. Well, as long as it doesn’t make you bitter.

Bitterness is the bad part. The part when you stop knowing why you made the decisions you did, the part when you stop realising the best of what you have.

Returning to the toffee, it’s a nice thought, sitting down in front of a log fire, taking that time out for just you. The peacefulness and tranquility. If you have that, then good for you. But it wasn’t that easy was it? Who chopped the logs, built the fire, kept it going?

It’s so very difficult for us to take that step back and appreciate the work that went before the scene. Did that work become too much, did they cheat and stop at the garage on the way home – does it ‘feel’ the same, are the satisfaction levels equal. Only the person it relates to can answer that.

I wouldn’t want to chop the logs for the sake of an enjoyment of a toffee, but if that toffee came wrapped with further hopes and dreams, then pass me the axe. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t chop the logs once, just to try it out, but ultimately, that’s not my scene, I am in another Act altogether.

Reflection time is important, it helps clear the echoes of others from your mind. It doesn’t always give the answers, but it certainly clarifies the question.

If you have taken time to reflect recently, what has been your question? Where does your true happiness lay?

5 Responses to “Reflections of the toffee type”

  1. grumphy January 31, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    Hmm, I am avid surporter of Writer’s block, or as I’ve recently been taught to call it, Project Block … Sometimes, life gets in the way, the fire isn’t burning as brightly as it did, and there needs to be time to reflect …
    Like how all your posts are about food!
    I sit down, and think, oh great, Ellie’s got a new blog post, but no, its about FOOD, and then I have to go into the kitchen and eat …
    You make a very vaild point about the reflection versus the reality, and how there is a thing that you want very badly, but sometimes you have to stop, regroup, get back to the meat and potatoes, seperate the wheat from the chaff … Argh, it’s catching!
    Seriously though, right now, I want toffee! 😀

    • Ellie January 31, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

      Writers block, project block call it what you wish, I dont have it! I have just written a post just for you!

  2. FIFALDE January 30, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Excellent post!


  1. I don’t have Writers Block!! | Elena Ransley - January 31, 2012

    […] I felt I needed to write another post in response to a comment about me suffering from writers block in my last post, Reflections of the toffee type. […]

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