I’m Not Being Lazy..

24 Feb

I get paranoid that I am not posting enough about No Way Out. I don’t want you to lose your enthusiasm for watching the project unfold, but likewise, I don’t want it to be all I post about. I also don’t want to have pressure to complete it.

I have pondered this thought for the past week, how do I approach this? Have I made a huge mistake? Is this why nobody has attempted this before? (Well maybe they have but I haven’t seen it).

The most basic of answers came to me. I started doing this to show how a project runs from start to finish. The only way I can show this is my way. And sometimes, my way, does involve long delays so how I blog will show this.

It’s not that I haven’t been working on it, it’s just that most of my working has happened in my head. working out, based on comments so far, how I will develop the story.

You see I sit down and post based on what I have thought should happen, and then you guys give me ideas that enhance this, and then I need my thinking time.

I am not the type to spend hours writing out streams of storylines. I keep it in my head. I tend to work on the basis that the best ideas develop further, without the need to record them. The best example is my script the lawns. That started as a dream (so cliché I know). I remember it well, July 2008.

That dream was developed into ten pages of script to be included in my first year creative writing portfolio. In January 2010, the script was fully completed in the form of a 90 minute one-off drama.

During that period I was obviously studying so was also adding other projects to my portfolios, as well as writing essays. I did not dedicate my all to that script, and I will not to No Way Out.

Thinking about how the Lawns developed provides some calm to my manic thoughts. It tells me that I am capable of managing various projects, deadlines, and most importantly thought processes.

I have attempted to write synopsis’ (I don’t know the plural for this, well I do,  just don’t know how you write it and I will admit to feeling particularly lazy right now and not having the inclination to google it). Following your lead, I wanted to complete several from different view points, gain a greater understanding of the characters, and thier motives. I know Steve’s, I haven;t written a synopsis for his viewpoint as I see the original short story as a sufficient starting place. therefore I have concentrated my efforts on Poppy. Well, to say it is hard is a understatement.

I don’t write chick lit. Sorry, correction. I have never written chick lit. This is proving to be a stumbling point, mostly because I have this thought gnawing at me that I am entering new territory and maybe I am not ready for that at this time. Or maybe, the truth is, that is not what I wanted this piece to be. But no matter what I do, the emotions, the understanding, the identity of the piece written with poppy as the focus just screams chick lit. The result? I just don’t know how to

So this was the Chick Lit display in Lacey Timberland Library in 2011. Perhaps it is not Chcik Lit that i am afraid of - just its perception.

end it.

My gut reaction is to end it with the police on the doorstop telling Poppy that Steve is dead. It just doesn’t feel final enough. I wanted closure for Steve, for the reader/viewer to know steve was not bad, to understand it was circumstance not madness that led him into that bank.

I will continue to play with this in my head and I shall get back to you. In the meantime, I just want you to know I haven’t abandoned, I am just plotting in my style.


3 Responses to “I’m Not Being Lazy..”

  1. Anonymous February 25, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Sorry, not anonymous; forgot to log in.

  2. Anonymous February 25, 2012 at 8:38 am #

    The category ChickLit gives the impression that they are just lightweight and not ‘literature’; that men (being so much more intelligent) would not deign to read it. OK, much is lightweight and fluffy and some so horribly predictable that it’s not worth reading past the first chapter but there are very good ones too; after all it’s nice to have a slice of cake after plain bread and butter!
    I wonder if Jane Austen’s and possibly Wilkie Collins’ books would be classed as ChickLit after all they are mostly read by women?

    PS I have never read a book from the “Romance” section!

    • Ellie February 27, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

      I have read from all genres, and think they all have their place, and can all be very good. I just dont like how some can be deemed as less ‘worthwhile’ than others.

      And yes, I think jane Austin was chick Lit of her time – I wonder if they will be studying Marian Keynes in years to come.

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