Hollyoaks made me cry…twice.

16 Mar

It is no secret that I have somewhat of an obsession with soaps. However, it does remain somewhat of a love hate relationship. I have been composing a post for a while now about my favourite soap characters, unfortunately I have got to four, and am now struggling to find another to round it up to five.

Listing characters that get right on my wick would have been so much easier.

I digress.

For those of you that are not familiar with Hollyoaks, it is a soap set in Chester in the north-east of England. It is mostly for teens, with the main characters being between final school year and university age. It openly prides itself on having what they describe as a ‘hot’ cast, and is possibly the most shallow pile of poo ever shown on British TV. They even have their own premiership footballer and wannabe footballers wifes urgh!

Once in a while however, they will have a cracking storyline. The type that pulls you towards the trash mags to find out whats going to happen, yet the adrenaline for the character is such that you daren’t destroy the tension of what may happen.

So they have had this storyline about a gay teen, George, who we later find out is homeless. This is the link to Wikipedia to save me explaining the full plot line.

George - such a sweetie

Skipping to the end, we see George and his two friends, Callum and Maddie returning to Georges hometown. Once there they discover a memorial to George on a cliff edge. George has taken the identity of someone else, his real name is Andrew. Desperate to let his parents know he is still alive they return to the family home, standing outside watching George’s parents. George freaks out, he can’t just knock on the door, he is naturally scared and nervous of what reception he may get. That evening the three of them book into a hotel, after a long talk, they decide a decision will be made in the morning.

I cannot actually describe how irritating Maddie is

Now, I want to say at this point I have always had a soft spot for George, Maddie however is awful, not just the character, but the actress really leaves a lot to be desired. I have, many a time switched Hollyoaks off because of her sheer rubbishness. Callum would be ‘sweet’ except he also grates me as he has this stupid moustache that his family and friends seem not to have noticed when it was quite obviously open for mockery. With this in mind, you have to understand that I really shouldn’t have felt anything other than blandness.

In the morning George has gone, leaving a note that really pulls at your heart. Maddie in her pathetic voice tells Callum that she has to meet Georges parents, she has to let them know he is alive. Sensible, mature (he has a moustache so he must be mature beyond his years) Callum disagrees, it’s not their place. Sickly Maddie says they are Georges family (the friends) so basically it is their place to get involved.

With that moustache you are leaving me in some confusion, I see mature masculinity, whilst I am told you are in the sixth form? Is this a future storyline, has callum in fact, 'Never Been Kissed?'

We meet Georges parents. We discover that unlike we had previously been led to believe, George did not leave because he was gay and the parents were ashamed, he had in fact been a victim of bullying, but had never shared it with his parents. When Callum and Maddie then tell the parents that George is still alive, the dad grabs Maddie and tries to force her from their house. With much screaming and shouting, the front door is pulled open and George is stood on the doorstep. Hugs and sobs follow, and then a younger brother and sister (unknown to us) arrive home from school.

Now I know I have not described the scenes with the justice it deserves. The emotions from all parties were so strong. The belief of the friends they can make it OK, the heartache of the parents that believe their son is dead and think a cruel joke is being played, the need of George to have his family back. His loneliness, fear and pain all rolled into one big bundle.

The tears streamed as the front door opened, and I actually believe a little sob escaped as I heard the younger siblings say his name. This was yesterday, during the first showing of the episode on E4. Glutton for punishment I watched it again today on channel 4. Needless to say I was in full on floods of tears.

Many people may mock soaps for many reasons, but we must give credit when due. There are too many departments that would need mentioning, not just the writers, but those that deal with the continuity etc. Hats off to them all, they did a fantastic job.

I would post a link but every You Tube clip has been blocked, although I guess if you were that interested you could look on E4.

Saying that you probably won’t want to bother, I have become immune to ‘Maddies’ acting skills, you may find them so appalling that they are alone will have you in tears.


2 Responses to “Hollyoaks made me cry…twice.”

  1. Gavin Hayes (@RebelliousGav) March 17, 2012 at 12:15 am #

    I completely agree with Hollyoaks! Sometimes I cringe so much I get annoyed and have to turn it off! But, credit where it’s due, they do pull some good stuff out sometimes. I haven’t seen this episode, but I’m intrigued about you’re top 5 soap characters!

    • Ellie March 18, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

      You have to watch it!! get onto 4 On Demand immediately! Top 5 coming up this week…maybe

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