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Does the delivery of text affect your interpretation?

16 Mar

Yesterday, I spent the morning in the library researching new media and how it has affected our decisions about e-publishing. It was all very academic in its approach, taking into account convergence culture and post-modernism just to mention a few.

I wrote 1600 words in three hours whilst studying a huge pile of text books. I didn’t really have a direct path to follow. I was just tying it altogether, trying to create organised content in an area that is very rarely written about in a rapidly evolving industry.

I took a break and read through what I had written. Why was this industry evolving? Who was pushing the change towards eReaders and the e-publishing industry?

We know it is not the traditional publishers. Authors are adapting to (some even embracing) the change, but most still have some reluctance, still wanting to take the traditional route if offered. So is it the reader?

I think most people with an eReader, although finding positives, understand that it is a luxury, not a necessity, and not necessarily something that they would miss. Would they?

I have read through many reasons about why an eReader is a positive experience, most of which rely on external factors such as saving trees. So, where has this phenomenon come from?

My conclusion is that the only people who benefit from eReaders’ are those whom create and sell them, along with the content. This demographic is made up of predominantly Amazon and Apple.

However, I remain open-minded at this stage in my research; I may still have this completely wrong. Maybe you can help me out here. Do you have an eReader, what benefits do you see to owning one?

I understand the benefits for writers, and I won’t knock them, but for readers it is intriguing to understand what part of the experience you enjoy most. Does the delivery of content affect your experience?