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Twopence to cross the mersey – Helen Forrester

4 Oct

due to an unexpected change in fortune, the Forrester’s find themselves moving from Southern england to Liverpool.

From private schooling, and live in staff, to living in a damp and infested bed sit; the five children go hungry whilst dad searches for work, and Mum embraces the depression that hovers over her.

As the family begins to find a way to cope, which in turn leads to new jobs and hope; the eldest daughter remains in isolation with no way out. Choosing to make her own future, Helen finds her own inner strength and finds a way to help herself.

In this tale of despair and desolation, at times you could be mistaken for thinking the setting is within modern Britain among the council estates. Then the stark reminders, such as the currency, come into the story and you are swiftly taken back to the 1930’s.

Unlike modern stories, you don’t get the happily ever after. It is left at the start of change. The only comfort is that it is a real life tale, that of Helen Forrester, and the knowledge that she has succeeded enough to tell it.