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Someone to watch over me – Judith McNaught

6 Nov

Leigh Kendall is a succesful actress on Broadway, her husband Logan from a well-respected New York family, and succesful architect in his own right.

When Leigh is involved in a collision during a snow storm, and Logan is listed as missing, it is clear that Logan at the very least, has more to hide than most.

During their last evening together, Logan introduces Leigh to Mr Valente as a business partner. With an unsavoury past, including serving time for murder; when Logan’s body is found Mr Valente is swiftly made prime suspect.

Like most crime novels, McNaught has aimed for the sting in the tale ending. With a delicate balance between the detectives involved, and the victims, it has the potential to be really good. unfortunately this falls just short of the mark.

Actually, I may be being slightly generous there. By page fifteen I wanted to yawn as we are introduced to the new kid on the block detective; with a step father in a favourable position, and a female in a ‘male dominated force’.

As I reached the midway point, I found myself flicking to the end to see what happens. Grasping just a small point, I was given enough to want to continue reading.

Based on that, I would say give this book a go. It does unfold unexpectedly, despite the predictable clichés.

Simon & Schuster UK 2007