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Book clubs in the most unlikely places.

31 Aug

You can find people to share and discuss books with in the most unlikely of places. Today, as I spent another long morning in toddler group, I spotted an announcement.  My toddler group is starting a book club for the mum’s.

Having collected a list of books available to borrow in bulk from the local library, our first book club gathering takes place in a few weeks. The idea is to keep the minds active (because chasing a toddler around just doesn’t do that).

I’m not sure toddler group is the place to push this thing. It is intriguing, however, to learn that the library offers this service. Basically, the book club ‘organiser’ collects the books and dispatches them to the group. It is then the organiser’s responsibility to return the books after a lend of up to three months. I’m not a member of the local library, but I’m pretty certain this is a longer lend than average.

Having never been involved in a book club, I had never considered the need to borrow multiples of the same book. To be honest, I figured everyone just bought their own copies. With this new revelation, I salute the local library. If more people read because of this service, it can only be a good thing.

No matter how great the service is however, it would seem nothing is immune from cuts. Libraries in particular have already had a blow, with central government giving local authorities the right to decide if the service is required in the local area. Many libraries are closing. To find out if yours is one, read this blog. It contains a map of closures and up to date information on all library related news.

Lucky for our book club our library is not one that is currently under threat of closure. That aside, as to whether mums of young children are able to read within the time constraints of book club, only time will tell.