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Point of Origin – Patricia Cornwell

5 Jan

Once again, Dr Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner finds herself at the centre of brutal murders. This time, involving fires starting in a bathroom with an unidentified accelerant.

Swiftly it soon becomes apparent that these murders are linked to Kay’s niece Lucy, and her crazy ex-girlfriend. As a result, Lucy, Kay, Marino and Benton are all at risk.

As with all Cornwell’s novels this is gripping and hooks your attention. Yes it becomes cliché when you are familiar with the work, but it can be forgiven because of the clever writing and plotting. The characterization also leaves you with a sense that these are your friends. You don’t want them to come to harm so to read on is a must.

My only negative is I find the technical details of post modern procedures a drag. They are an integral part of the plot. They are Kay Scarpetta. However, a little less wouldn’t do any harm in my opinion.

As with all of Cornwell’s work, read it.

Warner 1999

Post-Mortem – Patricia Cornwell

20 Aug

Hanging on every word, this had me turning pages like no other book in some time.

Dr Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner is awoken by a call on friday evening; a woman has been brutally murdered. The fourth victim with more to follow, the hunt is on to track down the killer. As we are taken on a trip of suspicion, we are subjected to details of these murders, both at the murder scene, and on the table in the morgue.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable, suspense hugging thriller. Graphic details, mingled with tight emotions; at times i found myself unable to read fast enough.

Yes, at times, it slipped. Did we need the relationship of the medical examiner with her niece? Yes, I wanted more in the hope that a unlikley relationship may blossom….but maybe it was so close to perfection that it just needed some tweaks.

Read this book, really, you’ll love it!

Warner bros 1992

First published 1990