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A Cuppa – We Are Well On Our Way

4 Nov

We finally reached the date of announcements, well that should be we finally reached announcements, but we are there. Authors have been notified, information sought, and now we are in the process of contacting the proofreader, illustrators and sorting out all the other odds and sods.

Oh who am I kidding? Now the hard work begins.

Lets just go back a bit, before we talk plans. We at Cuppa HQ were simply overwhelmed by the response we received for this project. The stories came in faster than expected, and as many of you know, due to demand, we even had to extend the submission date. Some may say we were mad, but really, this is, without sounding cheesy, your project, so you should be given every opportunity to be involved.

One thing we have lacked on though is children’s stories. A notoriously difficult genre to write for, we didn’t even reach enough submissions to complete the full book as we had wanted. However, every submission received was of outstanding quality. We are still finalising the details about what we will do, but it is certain the children’s stories will be released during 2012, possibly around Easter, but a promo code will be given to everyone that purchases the ‘grown ups’ book during December to receive a free copy/discount.

The book to be released in December will contain 22 short stories. As I am still waiting for confirmation emails,, I am holding off the announcement for whose work is included and the titles. I was tempted to announce them as I had the thumbs up from the author but felt this was not the best idea. I learnt early on that it is best wait a few days, than to jump ahead. Removing impulse removes the fun somewhat but hey ho, I have a responsibility now to make sure this is right.

The selection of stories was a very hard process that I hadn’t foreseen. I imagined the panel selecting the same stories – not at all. There was one that I absolutely decided could not be included, and it stuck with me, it was the only one I wanted to discuss. However, this same story was an absolute must of another panel member. Strange inst it? Especially seen as we were trying to mark not just as a good read, but quality of writing also. just goes to show, what is one mans art is another mans rubbish.

Oh, side note here, I secretly submitted one of my stories…it was REJECTED!!!

Overall, the difficulties for the panel with such diverse choices I feel shows the quality of the work. Inevitably, provided with enough choice, you will sway towards your preference of genre, and I do believe it has resulted in a wide-ranging choice of stories for the reader.

Our next steps to take is making everything shiny. clean up the grammar, add some finishing touches, and then my favourite headache, formatting. I am already dreading this stage, I am just not very technically minded. I promised myself i was going to have the time to sit down and follow the step by step instructions, and do it myself. I know once I have mastered it, I will be fine. However, seen as in the last two weeks I have scarcely had chance to deal with my work, as well as reading my favourite blogs, I am unsure that I will have this opportunity, so what to do?

I guess another plea. If you have completed formatting for ebooks, would you like to attempt this for us? I know I know, why would you want to, but I guess for some people it is enjoyable…another mans art and all that.

Short explanation: as this is a charity book we have applied for funding. However, the process has taken longer than anticipated and we are now working on a full zero funding budget.

Which is an absolute kicker. One of our authors works for Waterstones. It has been requested that his own store stock the book, and they would be willing to talk with the buying department – the aim being to stock it nationally (this is how I interpreted it). Erm, sure yes. let’s do this properly. lets not pass up this potential opportunity. Erm, oh, no funding to print off stock. (ENTER EXPLICIT HERE).

Initially we had thought we could work around this problem if it arose, now Cuppa HQ are running around like crazy to make sure this problem is overcome.

Definitely keeping fingers crossed.

One other thing is we have decided we would like to include illustrations and photos within the centre of the book. Ideally they should be related to the idea of the project, be thought-provoking, or be related to one of the stories. I shall be writing a list of story related themes for you to work to if you would like to be involved in this.

As always, if anyone has any questions, please email me at ellieransley@gmail.com

A Cuppa And An Armchair - Available December 2011

Quick…we need someone to design a front cover!

12 Oct


I switched myself off from the project ‘A Cuppa and An Armchair’ for maybe 24 hours and boom, I am scrabbling around trying to find time to fit in every task I need to complete.

There is one major one that needs sorting, and to do this, I need YOUR help.

Many of you will have realised to date we haven’t sorted out an official logo for the project. Like the cover of a book, I thought I would deal with it in time. I didn’t need it just yet…

That was where I made the first mistake. I should have had this organised long ago. Today, I received an email from Equipe. Next week they will be sending out their last communication to their supporters for 2011. What better way to start promoting the project as a book to buy – an ideal Christmas present?

No worries, I have some information to hand. I would need to check a few things and I can create some ‘blurb’…oh, the image…

Right this is my thoughts. The image I want should represent the title. It should be suitable to use in promotion and as the main image on the front of the book. In short, we are designing the bulk of the front cover.

This is where YOU come in.

We have less than a weeks deadline. Lets say Tuesday 18th October by 11.59pm GMT. Can you put together an image for free (remember this is all for charity) and have it ready by the time set?

It can be a sketch, a fully illustrated image, or even a photo. In my mind I am thinking the arm of a tatty chair with a porcelain cup and saucer. I am NOT a designer. my ideas never quite work out as I expect, so really, it is your choice. What do YOU think will work? What resources do you have to hand that could create something suitable in such a short time?

In return for your work, you will obviously be noted as the designer within the book itself, as well as receiving mentions via this blog, the Facebook page and twitter.

To make this fair, we are asking for all images to be displayed on the Facebook page for everyone involved and supporting to view. On Wednesday 19th, we will ask for those same people to vote on their favourite design. You can vote for your own, and ask your friends to join in. We don’t mind, the more people who know about the project the better.

To state the obvious, the design with the most votes will be the winner.

So, are you in?

If you have stumbled across this page and do not feel you can take part, but know someone who could, please tell them. We know we are asking a lot, but we really cannot do this without you!

Thank you!

This is our 'make do' image at the moment....yeah, we really are desperate!