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Stats watching…the questions it makes me ask.

25 Apr

Image from Laughingsquid.com - Obv stats this high are not mine!!

I have just been having a look through my most popular blog posts. The one that surprises me most is the one in which I asked, ‘Do you have a pseudonym?’

What made this one different to others? did I tap into a subject that many people ponder? Maybe, but to be honest, I have no idea. Comparing the most successful posts there doesn’t seem as if they have much in common between them. My post in which I showed the increase in e-book sales is also a popular post. It has never received any comments, just the one like, and I have certainly not received a direct email about it. But it does tell something, so maybe that is the key.

But is it? scrolling to the bottom of the list there are posts that I am immensely proud of which have received just one view, just one! And I know who that would have been. Why did these lack interest? Was it because were written in the early days? Was it the title?

I am thinking I may rehash these posts with little interest. More than anything I wonder if revised they may hold more appeal to my existing readers, or even bring in a new audience.

Do you do this? Do you study your stats and consider each response? Do you re-write past posts for fresh eyes?

Do you have a Pseudonym?

3 Mar

In my last post about social networking, I questioned if the work life crossover was suitable for me, you, us.

Isabella commented and said how she had a Twitter and Facebook account in her pen name. A pen name!

OK  a pseudonym (pen name) is nothing new, but I wondered why I hadn’t seriously considered this option myself. being as nosey as I am (i see this as my right as a writer -how can you have well-rounded characters if you don’t pry into the workings of other people) I asked, ‘why?’

This is where I slapped my head.

Sometimes I really don’t think my brain works as it should. You see, among other reasons, Isabella has changed her name to protect her family, and as she says, ‘I feel more free and able to write the erotic scenes that the “pretty” girls would make fun of me in high school for, wondering if I even know what sex was!’

Ah yes, the erotic scenes. Well forget about protecting the family, how about protecting me from them reading those scenes and I knowing it is my work. Weirdly enough, earlier today I missed a creative writing lecture where my friend had to share an almost intimate scene with the rest of the group. I feel his embarrassment, I really do. If I can get away with it my stories don’t even have kissing – I think I may need to get a grip and grow up.

But you know what, I think if my work warrants it, then maybe a pen name is the way to go. Maybe I would feel more free as a writer if it wasn’t actually me writing it. Does that make sense?

How many of us actually think about our reader audience in terms of those we know? Do we sensor our work to suit what our ‘loved ones’ would deem proper?

Would love to know your thoughts – do you have a pseudonym? If so, why?