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Portobello – Ruth Rendell

20 Aug

I spent my time reading this thinking ‘who cares?’ So what if these characters have flaws that they allow to destroy their lives through their own naivety?

Yet, I read it. Not just skimmed it, not skipped to the end. I read it, from cover to cover, quickly turning the pages at the end just to know where the characters would all end up. I felt like I was there, like a fly on the wall. As the characters, some of the most privileged, alongside those with nothing, find their actions affecting not just themselves, but those they’ve, and those they have never met, a journey begins that one cannot expect. The descriptions of the locations had you transported every time, it’s the little details that hook you. Especially when you realise it is the same scene, just from a different point of view.

It got me thinking to a piece of advice I was given about the simple nature of a story. How the simpler the idea, the greater the outcome. Consider  ‘Dead Poets Society,’ (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097165/)a simple idea expanded. Simply genius.

Arrow Books 2009