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Time for my CUPPA!

27 Nov

A cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake is waiting for me. You cannot begin to imagine how long I have dreamt about sitting down to enjoy such simplicity without the computer switched on, or nagging thoughts running around my mind.

Today is a special day, no, today is an amazing day. Finally, I can put my feet up and say, I have earned this!

What am I talking about? Well A Cuppa and an Armchair of course. It has totally consumed me over the last couple of months. I have literally put the kids to bed and started working every evening, switching the computer off as I get nudged and told it is time for bed.

My lunch breaks have been taken up by meetings or responding to emails, research and more. The most hilarious moment for me was when in a moment of panic I decided it was time to refer to the how to guides…it wasn’t long before A Simple Guide became a much needed reference. (Shameless plug but honestly, it was a permanent fixture on my iPad)

As with all projects, I had two little voices, the one that said give up, you never agreed to this much work, and the other one that said, you have told the world what you are doing, why you are doing it, and those that have chosen to be part of this trust you. They believe in you.

That is an almighty burden that I never envisaged. I never contemplated letting other people down at the beginning. When this started, it was about a charity called Equipe and raising money. Today, and I reached this conclusion sometime back, I can say this book is not about Equipe, it is about the writers and artists and everyone in between who got involved and took this opportunity and really made it something special. Equipe getting the money for each sale is just an added bonus now. (Don’t hate me for that but really, there is no book without such wonderful people).

So does this mean we have a release date? Ha ha ha. No. Lol! I should receive the proof on Wednesday and as soon as that is in my hands and I have checked it we will get a date that it will be available for sale. I can’t say it will be before Christmas, I have bene told we may mange it still, but lets just keep our fingers crossed. By the way, the proof I am referring to is the paperback without images. The paperback with images may be a few days later as I am waiting on an email.

(What? Two books? Urgh, long story but basically with images has ended up relatively expensive so we opted for two books to give customer choice – ebook is with images!)

Where will you be able to buy it – pretty much everywhere online, in bookstores you will need to preorder!!

The ebook is now on its way to the various distributors but is available on smashwords today. (I know, I know we should wait for an official release but I am kinda excited here!!!) The ebook is selling for $2.99. It will be available on Amazon in this format, but I have handed over the last bit of ‘faff’ to my husband – seriously my eyes will just give up and maintain a continued blurriness for the rest of forever and beyond is I sit there trying to understand all that not so difficult techniques they mumble on about…..sorry I am just not very good at tech!

I am not so stupid that I expect everything to run smoothly from here. I know that there will be glitches in the text that will need sorting – if there wasnt I would be very suspicious. I know I still have a heap load of PR that I need to get through, but you know what, we are almost there and at times I didn’t think we would reach this stage so big round of applause to all involved.

Now I know I have previously given thanks to various people, but time to do it again, in full.

Andrew Blair    

Mike Norbury

Cora Beth Carter

Gavin Hayes

Rachel Stevenson

Charlotte E. English

Gethin Morgan

Michelle Payne

Alicia Cunningham

Alan Lloyd

Chelsea Sutherland

Danielle Shipley  

Melanie Kerr

J.S. Wilsoncroft     

Daniel Challinor

Skyler Luttrell

Nick Deglar

Lawrence Chadwick -Smith

Danielle Zwissler

Carol Hoare

Jack Kempster

Darryl Robertson

Brian Burke

Cara Branigan

Leigh Gembus

A massive thank you also to all that have shown support and follow us on Facebook – you guys are amazing!

Bit of a ramble on various things..

14 Apr

Hands up I’m beat.

Many of you will have read about my formatting nightmare, along with small snippets in further posts expressing my difficulties in including my chart within my e-book.

After many attempts, and much help, I have finally contacted a ‘professional’ formatter, as recommended through Smashwords. I hope this will finally mean I can upload my work in full.

In the meantime there is much to organise. Amazon author page needs consideration, whilst I still haven’t sorted out my print on demand options through CreateSpace.I need to create a Facebook page, learn how to use twitter (properly) and organise a proper book launch. I have probably missed so much out of this list, but seen as this is the first time I have fully considered even the basics for my book, I view this as enough for now.

In other news, I have completed chapter nine of my novel, whilst having worked out the full story in a chapter by chapter breakdown. I am researching the various options of approaching an agent/publisher, and have started drafting my proposal letter. In my last post I mentioned exploring the various steps that one needs to take when approaching an agent. I hope to start posting in th next week or so the general break down of requirements.

I am also half way through my last uni assignment (aside from my creative writing portfolio). I have four weeks until I am fully finished. Once I am, will I write or find a job? I have no idea. I can’t actually think properly at the moment, but do know a well-earned rest is definitely required.

Talking of rests, I am off to bed now. Yes it is early, and no, I didn’t get to watch the 7.30pm episode of Eastenders. I would normally wait until 10pm but I fear I will fall asleep on the sofa waiting. (ooh and I just remembered I am reading a novel that made me chuckle on the first page – will tell all another day).

Traaa for now.

Converting in process

4 Apr

So the day has finally come. The uploading the body of my text and cover to create my very own e-book is happening now.

I have actively been avoiding this blog, not wanting to admit to the delays, and the obvious mistakes I kept walking into. Not that I didn’t know they would present themselves, just that I had decided it wouldn’t happen to me…I have always had, and always will have totally unrealistic expectations.

So what has been going on?

Well I have been rubbish really. I am the first to admit this, and there are no excuses. I take on everything I do through choice, and expect to be successful (unrealistic expectations). Quite honestly failure is not an option. So what happened? I think I burned out. Not completely like unable to get out of bed, but I lost all capabilities of focus. It was not totally unexpected. I have too much happening in my life now, hands up, I admit it!

Luckily for me, once again Jessica S. stepped in after the formatting nightmare, and gave me another helping hand. My husband then sorted a lot of tidying up. I was finally ready to upload, when it occurred to me that I still had issues with the copyright and final blurb (as in it hadn’t been written). I also hadn’t written my bio, or the book description.

Today all of it was finally completed. After hours worth of consideration, I opted to use Smashwords. I completed the boxes, uploaded the image and text, and allowed my finger to hover over the publish button. It felt like the moment should be massive.


I pushed the button to be told I am 549 in the queue, at the time of writing, 85 minutes after having hit publish, I am now 261 in the queue.

What I am waiting for is the file to be converted to the different formats that is required for each ereading device. But at this moment, I can’t even say 100% that the conversion will be successful. I can only keep my fingers crossed.

I shall expand on all of this over the coming days and weeks, why certain choices have been made, what was easier or more difficult than anticipated.

For now, I shall continue watching my Smashwords counter as we await the conversion of A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing.