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Is there a difference between networking and socialising

1 Mar

As many of you know, WordPress now have the automatic publicise button. This allows your posts to be advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and Yahoo.

I happily use the Twitter service. My twitter account was set up for the sole purpose of communicating with like-minded people, or networking as it is described.

I am not a user of Yahoo, and Messenger I have but do not actively participate.

Now Facebook is a completely different thing altogether. My Facebook account is for friends only. I regularly take part in status updates and chats. But do these friends want to have my blog shoved in their face?

I don’t think so. I will, occasionally place a link to my blog, but this probably accounts for five out of every hundred posts. It’s not that I think they won’t be interested, but I see it this way, I like to know what’s happening in my friends lives, but I don’t need to know what happens within their job day in day out.

My Facebook is my private life. My blog is my work life. Do they, or should they, go hand in hand?

They do not mix well, and sometimes snippets or information may cross over, but it isn’t always required, and certainly not essential.

Blogging and tweeting in a work capacity remain isolated, and yes at times, if it is warranted a telephone communication may be needed between ‘contacts’, but as a whole, or certainly where I am at this time, web communication is ample.

But what about Facebook? Should online communication be sufficient to maintain regular contact?

I have my friends on Facebook, I interact with them daily through FB, text, telephone and face to face. I have old friends who if it wasnt for Facebook we would not know anything about each other. I have family, and those I call the misfits – people I have met once or twice in life and not really sure why we have linked.

If I was to delete everyone off my friends list who I haven’t spoken to in the last five years, i would more than half the list. If I was to consider who I have spoken with in the past four weeks I could probably count those left on my fingers.

I believe my colleagues online as those who I may speak with every few months, more if it is required. Regular contact is not necessary as day-to-day snippets are not required.

I find it fascinating that I find this acceptable, but yet when it comes to personal life, I feel we should have more contact with one another. I think it is a sign that we have a real interest in each others life, a sign that we care.

I think social media is an amazing technology. It offers so much for everyone. It opens up doors that otherwise may have remained closed to us for our entire lives. I just find it a shame that this is crossing over into our personal life, where face to face contact, or at the very least, talk time, is key to maintaining a relationship.