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Blogging: Why It Makes Me Smile

9 Mar

It is rarely a day passes when we don’t get to read posts from bloggers discussing their facts and figures behind their blogs.

WordPress have now launched another little gadget that helps us to analyse who is reading our posts, through the new ‘Views by Country’. You can find the details on your stats page.

Basically, this little gadget tells you where in the world your readers are. I am delighted to announce, my blog is global. Sure, the majority of my readers are in the UK and USA, as expected, but we can also count countries such as Chile, Estonia, Jordan and the Philipines.

How mad is that?

Sure, I imagine that these stats do not disallow for those amazing spammers so I am slightly dubious, but OMG (yeah I did just use that) my little map is super colourful. I am just chuffed – how could you not be?

But it isn’t just the new little gadget that makes me happy, just stats in general. watching the numbers increase on almost a daily basis. I mean that is just amazing in itself. If ever you are feeling slightly doubtful about why you blog, and then you have a day where your blog has beaten your last busiest day it’s like wow, maybe I should keep this up.

Nothing makes your smile broader than your number of followers. People who have said, ‘hey, I will pop by again’. I have been blogging for about 18 months, well on this blog anyway, and I now have 390 followers. Less than many, but more than I ever anticipated.

What makes me even prouder about this figure is that I have done it on my own. As in, I have never been freshly pressed – I know many people have said they have had over a 1,000 new followers on one post (one wonders how long they stick around for). I have never won an award from another blogger (but I have had mentions on other blogs) and I never spam (not sure that it is very effective).

Talking of spam, I love checking my spam messages, they are just so…random. and I know we all get them, and some are better than others, but even just the five pure gibberish ones that appeared today are worthy of a little twitch of the mouth.

Search engine terms are a highlight. Do you remember that interview I did with Stuart Heritage of the Guardian? Well I get some crackers terms for that content, most assuming the man is gay. I can assure you, he is not.

The best search engine terms however are when they have searched for your name, whether that be your name or the blog name or your latest project. Someone actually wanted YOU, just YOU and no one else.

The best part of blogging though, and without sounding cheesy, is the friends you make. Friends is probably the wrong word, but hey, I know what I mean. I have blogging buddies that have been part of my life since day one, and others, that I met just last week, and I eagerly await their latest post. there are those that take the time to read your entire back catalogue, those that just like everything (just a nod that says ‘hey, I hear ya’), and those that take the time to write well-considered comments. Some come, some go, many return. all of us linked, all of us actually giving a damn.

I smile every time I have a little number in the box, when someone bothers to respond to my comment, when I realise we all have our own misgivings for why we do this, when I discover a like-minded person.

Thank you.