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Hello…anybody there?

21 Jul

Who would have thought it huh? Returning after a long break is really hard. How should I start, should I say hello, just dive right in, explain what I have been doing…

Well, you all want to know I am sure whether I did it. Did I complete my script?

Erm…of course I did.

Unknown to me, I love a deadline, really gets the old motivation going. That’s not to say it was easy, it certainly wasnt straightforward, but I did it, and I couldn’t be happier.

If anyone asks, I say it took me ten months to complete the script. What? ten months? ten months for one episode? That’s crazy!

Of course it didn’t really, but it was ten months of thinking for sure. Of that, there was probably only four weeks of editing and revising, and then that was only part-time.

You see, I am not one for writing, putting to one side, returning at a later date. No. I am a writer that thinks, a lot. Then when I start, I just throw it on the page, and fortunately for me, this usually works.

I have learnt that I lack confidence in my writing, and I have moments that if I gave into, I would quit everything. But what I knew before I started, and what has been confirmed, is that mid way, I always have a wobble. many talk about the blood sweat and tears of writing. There is none of that for me, just boredom.

I get bored writing.

Oh my god, I actually just said that.

I get bored in everything I do though. I like excitement. I am like the kid that refuses to go on the carousel because it’s not a rollercoaster. Whats good though, is I now know, so in the future I can prepare myself for it. In short, I have discovered who I am in in so many ways.

For those of you wondering, the script is based in a student union. It is a comedy. A very brave move for me as I have never written comedy before. But as I say I like excitement, and this was a risk that was just asking to be taken.

It has been sent to the Wales Drama Award, and yesterday I had my email saying they had received it. I wait, slightly anxiously to see if it gets through the first round. Naturally I will be devastated if it is sent back with a thanks, but no thanks. However, I have taken a huge gamble, changing not only my genre, but my demographic too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.