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If you have submitted to ‘A Cuppa’ READ THIS

7 Oct

I have just been notified of a submission that has been sent in that I have NOT received. This is the second time I have been told this (many have made it through so I presumed it was a one off problem).

If you have sent a story, but have NOT received an email confirmation, please resend it to ellieransley@gmail.com.


Apologies to you all. Please spread the word.

A Cuppa and An Armchair Q & A

25 Sep

I have been asked many questions about A Cuppa and An Armchair, so today I shall answer them.

Is it a book for children or adults?

At this moment we are hoping to create two books, one of each.  This will depend on submissions, so really, it depends on you.

What age range for children?

We are aiming at 8-9 yr olds. However, this is a variable again depending on submissions. We haven’t completely outruled a YA book either.

What about genre?

In our initial meetings, we decided that we would be open to genre. We felt widening our submission process would lead to a book with more appeal overall.

Can I send more than one story?

Sure, no problem. However, we will only publish one story per author per book.

I have written a story that is 1400 words, would that be ok?

Our only stipulation on word count is that it mustn’t be longer than 2,000 words. A story should only ever be as long as it needs to be.

So how do I submit?

Quite simply, send your short story to,  chat@elenaransley.com

When will I hear if my story will be included?

Each story considered by the panel. We shall be meeting on a regular basis (the first submission deadline will be announced soon). The final submission deadline will be early November. Before the 1st December we will announce the names of those that have been successful. All applicants will be notified by email.

When will the book be available to buy?

The book will be available to purchase just before Christmas. The release date will be announced nearer the time.

This Q & A will be updated as we receive further queries. If you want to know more, you can either contact me on this blog, via the email, or contact the project on its Facebook page.